GREAT NEWS! The next New England Relay date has been set for June 22-23rd, 2013! Hope that is enough time for your training to compete in this beautiful, challenging showcase of New England.

The New England Relay is the first relay to include all six New England states - Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, with a course that showcases everything great about New England.

Mention the words ‘summer in New England’ and the mind visualizes green mountains, peaceful meadows, idyllic farms, friendly college towns, scenic country roads, village greens, white church steeples, lobster boats, clam shacks and rocky seashores.

The New England Relay is just one week before the summer solstice to take advantage of the long days and warm weather…which of course is always unpredictable around here.

Nothing builds camaraderie like a dozen perpetually hungry, tired, sweaty, smelly, tired runners driving around in two vans living on bananas, bagels, granola bars and Gatorade. Right?

So come join us next year on June 22nd– 23rd to explore 220 miles of amazing scenery with 11 of your best friends, and carry bragging rights for running the longest relay of continuous running in the U.S., all in beautiful New England!